About Us

PHA (WA) Inc. is a member of the Professional Historians Australia (PHA). PHA established the national criteria by which PHA (WA) and other member associations accredit historians similar to the way that other professionals are accredited such as doctors, architects and engineers. Details about PHA can be found HERE.

Objectives of PHA (WA)

  1. To promote the concept of professional history and the status of Members of the Association in the community.
  2. To set and maintain standards of professional practice.
  3. To act in the interest of Members.
  4. To maintain a register of all Members.
  5. To advise Members and prospective clients on desirable terms of employment.
  6. To collect and disseminate information of professional and general interest to Members.
  7. To encourage further professional development by such means as seminars, workshops and publications.
  8. To maintain links with similar organisations.


PHA (WA) is administered by a Management Committee, which is elected each year at its AGM. This Management Committee meets at least four times per year to discuss such issues as accreditation, members benefits, the promotion of history in WA and the employment of professional historians.

The Management Committee is responsible for the organisation of professional development and other activities for its members, the publication of PHA (WA)’s eNewsletter, and the dissemination of such information as work opportunities to its membership.

The Management Committee members are listed at the bottom of this page.


The majority of PHA (WA) members are consultant historians engaged in a variety of history projects throughout WA.  For information about joining PHA (WA) go to MEMBERSHIP.


The PHA (WA) eNewsletter is published twice a year and is distributed to members, to newsletter subscribers and to like-minded organisations and institutions such as the History Council of WA, State Library of WA, State Records Office of WA and National Archives of Australia (Perth Office). Members are welcome to contribute to the eNewsletter by contacting the NEWSLETTER EDITOR.