#History Slam No. 4 – Back for Perth Heritage Weekend 2020

Premised on the popular poetry slam concept, the History Slam brings together a variety of participants from all walks of life to share their special moment of ‘history’: the amazing, sad, funny, poignant, tragic, weird, touching, bizarre, shocking and unexpected.  And all in three minutes!  The Slam takes ‘history’ out of its hallowed academic setting to become something personal and dramatic that can be enjoyed not just by a few but by many.  It promotes history and research into our past as exciting, intriguing, emotive and relevant, to provide a forum for stories that might not otherwise be heard, to reflect on how important these discoveries can be no matter how small, and to encourage debate, different perspectives and discussion.

When and Where?

Sunday 19th April 2020

2pm – 4 pm

Downstairs at the Maj, 825 Hay St, Perth

If you would like to be part of this successful and popular event please contact Helen Munt to register your interest or for more information about what being a “slammer” entails.

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