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Professional Historians Australia wishes to publicly support voting ‘Yes’ in the forthcoming Australian Indigenous Voice referendum.

As professional historians we are aware of the numerous times since the start of colonisation that Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples have called on government authorities and non-Indigenous Australians to respect their sovereign rights, and how they have been ignored. We believe we need to listen and pay true heed to the inherent rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, including acknowledging their divergent views on this issue.

We know that the Uluru Statement from the Heart’ is not just about the Voice, but also about Treaty and Truth-telling.

Beyond the referendum, much work will still be required to ensure the differing needs and requests of communities are met. The Professional Historians Association looks forward to playing what role it can in supporting and engaging with these endeavours.

While respecting the rights of members to have their own independent views on this matter, support for a ‘Yes’ vote, support for fulfilling the recommendations outlined in the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ and Truth-telling are in-line with and reflect the values and ethos of our association. We urge all Australians to listen, think and learn about the significance of this upcoming referendum.

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