• Register Of Consultants

    Membership of a Professional Historians Association (PHA) in Australia requires accreditation under a National Standard endorsed by the Professional Historians Australia.

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  • Save the Date

    Our End of Year function will be on the evening of Thursday 7th of December.

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  • Commissioning History

    Dinosaur Footprint Area

    Dinosaur footprints over 120 million years old can be seen at very low tide. Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia. Taken © Sept 2012.

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The Professional Historians Association (WA) represents accredited historians and researchers who are commissioned to undertake a wide range of historical work.

This website provides useful information about PHA (WA) such as membership of our Association, our Register of Consultants and commissioning history.




PHA (WA) is a member of the Professional Historians Australia (PHA). Further information about PHA can be found at: www.historians.org.au.