• Register Of Consultants

    Membership of a Professional Historians Association (PHA) in Australia requires accreditation under a National Standard endorsed by the Australian Council of Professional Historians Associations (ACPHA).

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  • Commissioning History

    Dinosaur Footprint Area

    Dinosaur footprints over 120 million years old can be seen at very low tide. Roebuck Bay, Broome, Western Australia. Taken © Sept 2012.

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  • Member Projects

    Mouth of Fortescue River

    The Fortescue River is an ephemeral river in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is the third longest river in the state.
    Pilbara Western Australia. Taken © Sept 2013.

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  • Member Publications

    Fireman W. Hodgkinson

    Black and white photographic postcard of Fireman W. Hodgkinson taken at Victoria Park: c1914. ph200469.

    Image courtesy of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Heritage Collection.

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  • 25th Anniversary of PHA (WA)

    2014 marks our 25th anniversary. Special events will be held during the year to celebrate this milestone. Keep an eye on the website for news.

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The Professional Historians Association (WA) represents accredited historians who are commissioned to undertake a wide range of historical work.

This website provides useful information about PHA (WA) such as membership of our Association, our Register of Consultants, commissioning history and resources list.


PHA (WA) Management Committee

President Jennifer Weir
Secretary Teegan Gaunt
Acting Treasurer Jennifer Weir
Membership Secretary Sue Graham-Taylor
Committee Prue Griffin
Odhran O’Brien
Matthew Ibbitson
 Newsletter Editor Kristy Bizzaca
 ACPHA Delegate Kristy Bizzaca
PHA (WA) Postal Address

PHA (WA) Inc.
PO Box 8381
Perth Business Centre
PERTH WA, 6849


PHA (WA) is a member of the Australian Council of Professional Historians Associations (ACPHA).
Further information about ACPHA can be found at: www.historians.org.au.